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Digital Promise is a bipartisan independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation authorized under President Bush in 2008 and formally launched under President Obama in September 2011. Its mission is “to support a comprehensive research and development program to harness the increasing capacity of advanced information and digital technologies to improve all levels of learning and education, formal and informal, in order to provide Americans with the knowledge and skills needed to compete in the global economy.” 

The League of Innovative Schools, announced at the White House in September 2011, is an alliance of 26 school districts in 18 states committed to using technological innovation to dramatically increase student achievement. 

“Howard-Suamico School District is honored to participate in the League of Innovative Schools,” said Superintendent, Damian LaCroix, in a press release shortly after being invited. “The experience of partnering with some of the best school leaders, researchers and educational entrepreneurs helps to advance our District’s mission of ‘ensuring that students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in a changing world."

Measuring the impact...

Strategic Plan performance indicators, diagnostic surveys, and evaluation methods provide a way to gauge the full impact of Howard-Suamico's Digital Transformation by measuring changes in teacher knowledge, teacher/principal practices, and student achievement.  A research review published by the U.S. Department of Education synthesized the major findings of several professional development initiatives. The study was grounded in the premise that before changes in student achievement occur there are first changes in teacher knowledge, then teacher practice, and then finally student achievement changes. The study reported that when teachers received an average of 40+ hours of professional development, student achievement scores increased by 21 percentile points.

Measuring the impact of technology integration by only focusing on changes in student achievement ignores the impact of the initiative on teacher knowledge and practice. The District’s professional development and technology integration specialists are supporting instructors with efforts that are aligned to the International Society in Technology Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T).

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Mission: "We will work with families and community to ensure that our students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in a changing world."

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