A path exists.


The path will lead through every experience, every moment of discovery,

Every setback and challenge of your life.

This path is unique to you; it is your path.


The journey will not be easy—sometimes you can only see enough to take the next step.

The terrain seems to change quickly—uncertainty always hovers nearby.

How will you find your way?

Who can walk with you?


Howard-Suamico School District can help you find your path.

We are committed to helping you develop the skills to succeed in a changing world;

Skills that keep you advancing on your path.


The relational wealth represented in every student, every teacher,

Every parent, every staff member, every volunteer is our greatest asset.

This powerful network of relationships centers and orients you to your future—your path.

The influence of life-long learning penetrates and transforms the world of everyone connected to it,

Resulting in a better community for all of us.


To help you discover your path, we must all work together.

Howard-Suamico School District develops local and global partnerships to form a strong network,

Propelling you forward.

We’re anticipating the future - and are prepared to help discover it with you

Through innovative and creative solutions.


Imagine the effect of thousands of students who understand their unique path,

Have the skills to prosper as they move through life

And serve their community with responsibility and distinction.

That’s what the Howard-Suamico School District is all about.


A unique network of relational wealth.

A unique opportunity.

A unique path to your dream.


Serving ·Learning ·Achieving – Together. 









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Howard-Suamico School District

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"An authentic, innovative, connected, and inspired experience for an ever-changing future."


Mission: "We will work with families and community to ensure that our students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in a changing world."

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