Transforming American Education

The Department of Education’s National Education Technology Plan 2010 (NETP) developed by a diverse and talented cross section of authorities from both the public and private sectors, calls for revolutionary transformation rather than evolutionary tinkering. It urges our education system at all levels to

  • Be clear about the outcomes we seek.

  • Collaborate to redesign structures and processes for effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility.

  • Continually monitor and measure our performance.

  • Hold ourselves accountable for progress and results every step of the way.

The plan recognizes that technology is at the core of virtually every aspect of our daily lives and work, and we must leverage it to provide engaging and powerful learning experiences and content, as well as resources and assessments that measure student achievement in more complete, authentic, and meaningful ways. Technology-based learning and assessment systems will be pivotal in improving student learning and generating data that can be used to continuously improve the education system at all levels. Technology will help us execute collaborative teaching strategies combined with professional learning that better prepare and enhance educators' competencies and expertise over the course of their careers. To shorten our learning curve, the plan calls for looking to other kinds of enterprises, such as business and entertainment that have used technology to improve outcomes while increasing productivity.

The plan also recommends implementing a new approach to research and development (R&D) in education that focuses on scaling innovative best practices in the use of technology in teaching and learning, transferring existing and emerging technology innovations into education, sustaining the R&D for education work that is being done by such organizations as the National Science Foundation, and creating a new organization to address major R&D challenges at the intersection of learning sciences, technology, and education.

Learning Powered by Technology

The NETP presents a model of learning powered by technology, with goals and recommendations in five essential areas: 

1.    Learning, 
2.    Assessment, 
3.    Teaching, 
4.    Infrastructure, and 
5.    Productivity. 

The challenging and rapidly changing demands of our global economy tell us what people need to know and who needs to learn. Advances in learning sciences show us how people learn. Technology makes it possible for us to act on this knowledge and understanding.

The HSSD has studied the NETP and leveraged its recommendations as a blueprint in developing the HSSD Strategic Resource Management objective. 

Mooresville Graded Model

Mooresville Graded has become the most prominent example of what is achievable when a laptop is provided for every student and teacher (i.e. in grades 3-12). Since implementing its 1:1 laptop initiative nearly five years ago, MGSD has moved from a low spending and average-rated district to the third-highest performing in the state - and has gained national recognition for its “digital conversion”. The US Department of Education (USDE), Harvard University, PBS, and a list of other notable education organizations have pointed to MGSD as a possible blueprint for how other districts might use technology to drive reform and accelerate student achievement.  

Since 2010, representatives from the HSSD have visited MGSD on three separate occasions, including a six-member delegation sent in April of 2012.  While exploratory in nature, each trip yielded valuable insights that have informed our own local Digital Transformation.

In 2011, the USDE announced the formation of the Digital Promise initiative and the related League of Innovative Schools.  Not surprisingly, the inaugural meeting event was hosted at Mooresville Graded School District. 

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