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Ends Policies

Ends Global Policy - Students will demonstrate continuous improvement toward their full potential in the following areas:
E-1 Creativity, critical thinking and problem solving
E-2 Communicating effectively 
E-3 Collaborating with others
E-4 Practicing citizenship, personal responsibility and compassion
E-5 Core Subjects and Themes

a.  English Language Arts

b.  Science

c.  Math

d.  History

e.  Arts 

f.   Business/Entrepreneurship

g.  Global Awareness

E-6 Life and Career Skills

Board of Education Communication

Strategic Direction

Located within the strategic strand,Student Engagement, is the Digital Transformation initiative.  While the HSSD has been incorporating technology into all of its schools for at least a decade, the Digital Transformation represents a groundbreaking new initiative currently underway at Bay Port High School.  

The Digital Transformation is more than simply providing a technology device to students. 
Rather, it is about changing the classroom experience and personalizing the learning process for both the teacher and the student.  Additionally, it calls for leveraging the impact of universal access to information, allowed by personal mobile technology and its ability to expand learning beyond the brick and mortar walls of the classroom.  

In turn, students will have expanded learning opportunities made possible through technology.  Tapping the most current information available through the Internet, and interfacing with peers on the District’s web hosted Learning Management System (i.e. Schoology), will afford staff and students a freedom and flexibility previously unattainable.  For example, students will complete and turn in assignments, homework, projects, or research electronically.  To further develop and collaborate in the 21st century environment, interactive applications will help improve reading fluency, build mathematics skills, bolster study habits, and aid in the creation and publishing of relevant projects and products. 

During our transition, teachers will continue to use some hard copy materials as they increasingly migrate to digitally rich online resources.  Like the Encyclopedia Britannica, traditional textbooks will become extinct as high quality multi-media content becomes readily available and affordable. 

Pundits ask the question:  “Are we preparing students for their futures or our past?”  This initiative reflects the Howard-Suamico School District’s affirmation of the former.  

Pundits ask the question:  “Are we preparing students for their futures or our past?”  This initiative reflects the Howard-Suamico School District’s affirmation of the former.  

Strategic Objectives

In a fast-changing world, looking at tomorrow and seeing it only as a little bit more or a little bit less of today won’t cut it as we move into the future. As educators and community leaders, we need to use powerful trends data, coupled with imagination, as we plan ahead. A challenge will be to not only develop a plan but to turn it into a living strategy—a strategic vision that will help us lead our students, schools, and communities into an even more successful future.

Gary Marx, author Sixteen Trends

1.  College & Career Readiness
2.  Student Engagement
3.  Professional Excellence
4.  Resource Management

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