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Need a Volunteer

There are several ways to find the right volunteer for your needs.  No matter the chosen method, the volunteer should have an approved application/profile in our district-wide on-line volunteer database. The Volunteer and Community Involvement Coordinator can assist and provide support for this important step.  Contact Diane Schmidtke at 662-8186 or dianschm@hssd.k12.wi.us.

Complete a Request for Volunteer Services

Send a completed Request Form (found under the Volunteer Forms heading on the web site) or
e-mail the Volunteer Coordinator and she will assist in finding the right individual, group or organization to matches your needs.  The information on the request form is also used to list the volunteer opportunity in the Volunteer Impact database.  Please provide as much detail as possible.

Work with the Volunteer Coordinator for Special District Programs or Partnerships

Business and civic organization partners (BOOST), senior and retired citizens, the Volunteer Center of Brown County programs, Junior Achievement, and Partners in Education are all examples of special efforts to increase the level of community involvement in and supportive relationships with our schools.  The groups and individuals associated with these programs may provide the right fit for your volunteer or partnership needs.  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you are interested in using these special programs.

Personal contacts or referrals

You may personally know of just the right individual or group to approach for the volunteer needs of your program.  Go ahead and ask. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator for assistance with the application process.  Personal asking is the single, most effective way to recruit a volunteer.  Make sure the individual has an approved application and background check before assigning and scheduling them for the position. 

Professional networks or associations

You may belong to or are familiar with a professional association that may have individuals that have the skills or knowledge to meet the volunteer needs of your program.  Go ahead and contact them, or refer the association to the Volunteer Coordinator for assistance. They may be a great resource for our BOOST program – Businesses & Organizations Outreaching to Students & Teachers!  Make sure to follow up with the correct steps for the individual or group before assigning them to the program.  

Work with the parent organization(s) associated with your school or program

Parent volunteers are the greatest source of volunteer support and assistance within the district, and are very willing, giving, accessible volunteer resources.  Communicate through the parent leaders of the various organizations, and make sure to follow up with the correct steps for the individual or group before assigning and scheduling them for the position.

Get trained to use the on-line volunteer search feature within the Volunteer and Community Involvement web site (www.hssd.k12.wi.us/volunteer)

Volunteer Impact is the web-based application that serves as the backbone to the Volunteer and Community Involvement web site.  The web-based application allows volunteers to apply and create a profile.  It also allows us to collect and store volunteer applications/profiles, track requirements, match skills, interests and talents to volunteer needs, and search for and assign qualified volunteers to students, programs, or events.   You can access this feature directly from the district’s Volunteer and Community Involvement web site at the Volunteer Impact Admin Login link.   Please contact the Volunteer and Community Involvement Coordinator for additional information, training, or access.





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