Preparing for the move from Outlook to Gmail

There are several ways that you can begin preparing for a smooth transition from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail and Google calendar.

Follow the steps below:

1.) Reduce Outlook message count

  • Messages and folders in Outlook that are not needed should be eliminated to reduce your total message count.

  • Review messages in your Outlook Trash

  • Messages in your Outlook Trash will not fully migrate to Google. If you have any messages that you are not sure you want to permanently delete, pull them out and put them in another Outlook folder.  

    • Note, in the Gmail system, messages in your Trash folder are automatically deleted after 30 days.

    • Empty your Outlook Trash to permanently delete contents

  • Reducing the size of your work mailbox overall can help make the migration faster for everyone.

2.) Rename any folders in your Outlook inbox that have a / or \ in their name

  • Gmail will interpret the / or \ as a separator and will create two different folders. For example, a folder called “Agenda/Minutes” will split into two labels- one for “Agenda” and another for “Minutes.”

3.)Document your Outlook Rules

  • Outlook has email Rules and Gmail has email Filters.  They both do the same thing, but your Outlook Rules will not automatically migrate to Gmail.  

    • If you use Outlook Rules, make sure you document them so you can recreate them in Gmail.

    • Save a copy of your signature

    • Your email signature will not automatically migrate to Gmail, so be sure to copy it to MS Word or a Google Doc so you can recreate it in the Gmail system.

    • Document your personal email distribution lists

    • Although all of your contacts will be migrated to Gmail, any Distribution lists will not be transferred, so be sure to document them so you can recreate them in Gmail.

4.)Review your account

  • Please delete any unneeded messages before the migration to provide a timely migration.

5.)Update personal profiles to email address

  • We all sign up for services on the web that require us to enter our email address.  Over the course of time, you will have to update your address on those different services to your account.  

  • After the transition, if a service sends an email message to your or your account, it will be forwarded to your Gmail account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I access old email?

The migration will transfer all emails.  Please remember that the Deleted items in your trash will only remain for 30 days.

Will my e-mail address change?

We will use our primary e-mail address as the Gmail account. Your password would remain the same to access G-Suite.  

What will transfer from my calendar?

All of your calendared events will transfer.  You may have to configure permission access if you are sharing a calendar.


How will email on my phone change?

Email will need to be removed and then reconfigured on your phone. Instructions will be provided on how to put email on both Apple and Droid devices once we make the switch to Gmail.


Will all my folders transfer?

All folders will migrate to Gmail from Outlook Exchange.  

What we're migrating?


We're migrating your Microsoft Outlook data as follows:

  • Messages in your Outlook Inbox (including subfolders) and Sent folder  ==> Gmail

  • Scheduled events in your Outlook/Calendar  ==> Google Calendar

  • Personal contacts in your Outlook Contacts/Address Book] ==>  My Contacts in Gmail

What will happen?

We'll turn off your Outlook account and turn on your new Google Apps account once the migration is completed


After the migration you will need to sign in to your Google Apps account and begin using it for all your email correspondence and calendar scheduling.

Can I use Outlook during the migration?

We strongly recommend that you avoid logging in to your Outlook account during the migration.  We will communicate the date and time in an email correspondence. However, if necessary, you can do the following in Outlook and on your mobile device:


  • View email messages you received before the migration.

  • View calendar events scheduled before the migration.

  • Send new email messages. However, these messages won't appear in your Sent folder in Google Apps.

  • View your Outlook Address Book.


However, remember that you cannot make any changes to your data in Outlook/Notes after the migration.


Can I receive email during the Outlook migration?

Yes, you'll continue to receive new email messages after. However, these messages will appear only in your Gmail account.



Will I still be able to access my Outlook account after the switchover?

Yes, for a period of time, you can still log in to your Outlook account after the migration to view your email, calendar, and personal contacts. However, you can't make any changes in Outlook or send and receive messages from Outlook.

Will I be able to work with my coworkers who are still using Outlook after I switch over?

Yes, you can continue to send and receive email with your coworkers as usual. You can also view and schedule meetings with users, and even see their free/busy status. 


How much time is required to set up my account?

You'll be able to master the basics, like sending and receiving email and viewing and scheduling meetings, very quickly. It may take more time to really learn to make the most of your new services, depending on how you currently use Outlook.


For example, for a typical email and calendar migration, expect to spend a few hours over the course of a week or so to take the training, review documentation, and set up your services. If you also access email on a mobile device, plan on spending a bit more time.


Will you help me set up and use my Google Apps account?

To help you get started with your new Google Apps account, we have provided online resources with instructions to access your account, set up your new services and mobile device, and use Google Apps.


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