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The Howard-Suamico School District Facilities Department provides high-quality services that protect the health of our staff and students.  They also provide facilities maintenance in an efficient and cost effective manner.  To accomplish this goal the District has developed short and long range plans for upkeep and improvement of buildings and grounds. 

HSSD Energy Projects Saving the District over $100,000

Where are we in the race to save energy? The Buildings Grounds Department felt it was important to share this information with you. Listed below is a list of energy projects that have been completed and documented by Focus on Energy. Wisconsin Public Service and Focus on Energy have worked closely with the District to pick projects that not only save energy but also provide students with the best possible learning atmosphere. The District has an established Energy Committee that consists of teachers, building staff, outside vendors and community members that have provided ideas for energy projects and continue to do so. Please browse our web page as we have many items to share old and new.


Direct Digital Control vs Conventional Pneumatic Controls


Sold-state sensors and controllers used in DDC systems have considerable energy-efficiency advantages over conventional pneumatic systems. Substantial advantages are realized in calibration and maintenance but the critical value lies in the accuracy and reliability of the DDC systems. These features can yield operational energy savings of 15% and greater when compared to the conventional pneumatic system. The inherently precise positioning of valves and dampers with EMCS control loops and blocks are responsible for these energy savings.  DDC is often used to control HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) devices such as valves via microprocessors using software to perform the control logic. These systems may be mated with a software package that graphically allows operators to monitor, control, alarm and diagnose building equipment remotely.


It was only natural that the first HVAC controllers would be pneumatic, as the engineers understood fluid control. Thus mechanical engineers could use their experience with the properties of steam and air to control the flow of heated or cooled air. To this day, there is pneumatic HVAC equipment in operation which can be a century old, in some buildings such as schools and offices.



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