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Board of Education

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Who We Are

The Board of Education consists of seven members elected annually at the spring election on the first Tuesday in April for a term of three years.  A student representative, non-voting member, is appointed to the Board in May of each year to fulfill a one-year term from June 1 to May 31.   

The Board of Education operates under a policy governance model.  This approach emphasizes a commitment to stakeholder input and maintaining focus on the ultimate purpose of schooling - student achievement.

Board of Education Meetings are typically held in the District Office Community Training Center, 2706 Lineville Road, Green Bay, WI  54313 at 6 p.m.


The mission of the Howard-Suamico School District Board of Education is to enact policies and allocate resources to develop all students' full academic potential and to promote their social and emotional growth.

Role of the HSSD Board of Education

The HSSD Board of Education puts it time and energy into facilitating a successful school district. The seven members of the HSSD Board of Education work as a team to ensure: 

  • Accountability and success of each child through clear, concise direction to the superintendent
  • The Superintendent is focused on student achievement, through staff and resources 
  • The implementation of practices, programs, and activities that will provide the best education possible

Policy Governance In Action

Student and board member discuss

Scott Jandrin, HSSD Board Member, discusses with a Bay View student at the Bay View student linkage.

Board member talks with students

Garry Sievert listens to student feedback at the Bay View Linkage. 

Board celebrates student group

The Board of Education recognized the Bay Port Esports team at a recent Board meeting. Esports won state two years in a row.