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Graduate Profile

The HSSD Graduate Profile is the district's vision to prepare all students for success in an ever-changing world. In addition to academic knowledge and skills, the HSSD Graduate Profile focuses on developing seven key characteristics in all students. View the seven key characteristics in bold below.

Graduate Profile
  • A Self Starter is motivated to take action.
  • A Critical Thinker investigates the quality of ideas and how they connect.
  • A Collaborator is a helpful and active participant who shares responsibility while working toward a common goal. 
  • A Communicator seeks to understand others and to be understood.
  • An Adaptable person is able to adjust. 
  • A Responsible person acts with empathy and takes ownership of the outcomes of their choices.
  • A Solutionist solves problems.

Learning Continuum

Our learning continuum guides learning and curriculum development. It supports the creation of performance assessments and learning performance tasks. View the HSSD Learning Continuum

What is Graduate Profile?