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Academic and Career Planning

What is Academic and Career Planning (ACP)? 

Academic and Career Planning, or ACP, is a student-driven, adult-supported process in which students create and cultivate their own unique and information-based visions for post-secondary success, obtained through self-exploration, career exploration, and the development of career management and planning skills.

ACP In Action

Bay Port students in the Child Development Class learn how to set up a classroom, make activities, use positive guidance language, and interact and lead in a classroom with the Pirate Preschool Program.

High school student teaching preschool
Bay Port student working with preschool student
Pirate preschool class
Bay port student working with preschool student
Students getting maple syrup
Students milking a cow
Girl hugging dog
Boy assessing meat
Students standing by meat
Students watering plants
Girl working with dog
Girl filling vaccination
Girl doing science
Girl working on cows
Girls with mental health matters shirts
DECA at state
DECA state
DECA state
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