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Support for Staff

  • Staff can use the form above (School Dude request) to request support from IT. 

Support for Student Devices

  • Students can use the form above to request support from IT. 
  • If you need a device replacement, please call the IT Help Desk at 920-662-7832.
  • For troubleshooting, please use the Student Technology Request Form above.
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Who We Are

Preparing students to be successful for the future requires a robust and flexible learning infrastructure capable of supporting new types of engagement and providing ubiquitous access to technology tools that allow students to create, design, and explore.

The essential components of an infrastructure capable of supporting transformational learning experiences include the following:

  • Connectivity: Persistent access to high-speed Internet in and out of school
  • Powerful learning devices: Access to mobile devices that connect learners and educators to the vast resources of the Internet and facilitate communication and collaboration
  • High-quality digital learning content: Digital learning content and tools that can be used to design and deliver engaging and relevant learning experiences
  • Responsible Use Policies (RUPs): Guidelines to safeguard students and ensure that the infrastructure is used to support learning


HSSD Devices

HSSD is a Digital Learning district. Each student and staff member is equipped with a device. 

  • Students in grades 9-12 receive a MacBook Air.
  • Students in grades 3-8 receive an iPad to take home.
  • Students in grades K-2 have access to iPads in the classroom. 


Kyle Siech

Kyle Siech

Director of Technology
District Office