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Farm to School

Benefits of Farm to School

HSSD's Farm to School program enriches the connection students have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers. Farm to School empowers students and their families to make informed food choices while strengthening the local economy and contributing to vibrant communities. 

Farm to School includes:

  • Procurement: Local foods are purchased, promoted, and served in the cafeteria as a snack or in classroom taste-tests.
  • Education: Students participate in education activities related to agriculture, food, health, and nutrition. 
  • School Gardens: Students engage in hands-on, experimental learning through gardening.


Inspiration Acres

Did you know that in the field with the tall prairie grass in front of Bay Port High School there is a two-acre garden called Inspiration Acres?

Inspiration Acres began in the spring of 2018 on the 10-acre portion of the land that, historically, was conventionally farmed. Students in last year’s summer school assisted in turning the tall prairie grass and sandy soil into 15 varieties of pepper plants, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, and many wildflowers to promote pollinators. 

The garden also practices vermiculture composting which uses worms to break down fruit and vegetable scrap into nutrient-dense soil which promotes healthy soil and tastier, nutrient-dense produce. All schools in HSSD practice composting in the kitchens where fruit and vegetable scrap is kept out of the landfills and collected for the garden.

Within one year, HSSD was able to grow 164 pounds of fresh foods with regenerative farming methods. This fresh and nutritious produce was used in HSSD’s breakfast and lunch programs, making it a full-circle farm to school effort.

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Laura Rowell

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