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Compensation Committee

The teacher-led District Compensation Committee was formulated to provide input and guidance for all elements of compensation and to help construct a pay plan to address salary gaps. Additionally, the committee is tasked with serving as a resource to funnel compensation information from their colleagues to bring forward to the committee. Compensation Committee Roster.


The Compensation Committee will ensure HSSD employees are actively engaged in increasing their knowledge and understanding of their own total compensation and personal finance. 


We will work collaboratively to creatively research and develop aspects of total compensation for HSSD employees.

What is Total Compensation?

Total Compensation is a philosophy guiding HSSD, as an employer, to offer flexible, employee-driven elements of compensation.

Why Total Compensation?

Due to labor market conditions (regional, state wide, and national) within public education, conditions HSSD wants to be thoughtful and proactive in order to attract and retain the best educators.

Goals of Total Compensation

  1. By the 2020-2021 school year, HSSD will have the best compensated employees as measured versus our financial peers across the State.
  2. By the 2020-2021 school year, HSSD will have the most knowledgeable employees in their understanding of personal finance, starting with their own total compensation.

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Meghan Meyers

Compensation Coordinator
District Office


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Payroll Specialist
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