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Pirate e-Academy

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Apply for PIRATE e-Academy 2021-2022 Here
Application Deadline: May 12, 2021

What is Pirate eAcademy?

HSSD is exploring an online learning option for K-8 students during the 2021-2022 school year. This online program will be known as PIRATE eAcademy. 

  • Students and guardians must complete an application for district review. Applications are due May 12. Click here to apply
  • Student attendance and engagement in completion of work from previous remote learning experiences will be taken into consideration to ensure proper program fit.
  • As a Pirate eAcademy student, adequate pace, progress, and performance must be maintained or the student will return to HSSD for in-person learning and instruction.
  • View the informational meeting slideshow, which was held May 5, here for more details about PIRATE eAcademy.

Why Pirate eAcademy?

In 2020-21, HSSD offered an online program/virtual learning option for all students. K-6 students were part of an online program using Florida Virtual Schools and 7-12 students participated in virtual learning. As a result, some students found that this learning experience better met their educational needs and style compared to the in-person model.