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English Learners (EL)

What We Do

The HSSD English Learners (EL) program supports learners in developing the English language needed to succeed in school and beyond. 

K-12 EL teachers help students develop language proficiency, content knowledge, and academic problem-solving. 

Further, EL helps English-proficient students improve their English speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills, which empower them to become self-sufficient in the classroom. 

Interpreters and Translators

  • Spanish
    • Maria (Erika) Nunez-Ortiz 
    • 920-662-9767
  • Russian/Ukrainian
    • Oksana Kobzar-Schweiner 
    • 920-662-8149
  • Somali
    • Mahamed Mahamed  
    • 920-662-7114 
  • Hmong
    • Sheng Yang  
    • 920-662-9767

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Amelia Holman

Amelia Holman

EL Coordinator