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Social Opportunities
While our students learn individually, we make it easy to interact socially with other students.  Bay Port High School offers a variety of activities from which students may choose to participate in with their peers.   Many nights are filled with sporting events and club activities.  iAcademy students are encouraged to take part in as many on site activities as possible to maintain relationships with their peers.

Youth Service Learning

We provide students an avenue to earn service hours for graduation and to help others in the community. We understand the importance of service as students are completing college applications. Please contact Pam Belden, YSL Coordinator, at
(920) 662-7000 for more information.

When you and where you
need it.


A robust support network

As a Bay Port iAcademy student, it's important to know that you're never alone. Our trained teachers will go the extra mile to ensure your educational success.  


For each course, you are assigned a highly qualified,
state-certified teacher who is accessible via virtual whiteboard, phone, email, or instant messaging. Many students receive more one-to-one contact with their teachers than students in most traditional schools. 
All teachers are provided to us through Wisconsin Virtual School. 


School Counselors

As another mode of support,

Bay Port iAcademy helps prepare students for post-secondary life. When it comes time to apply to schools, pursue scholarships, and take entrance exams, or pursue careers, we'll provide valuable advice and insight.  School counselors are also available for academic or personal issues and may be contacted through Bay Port Student Services.

Student Life


How Online Learning Works


We offer a personalized and tuition-free education for students in grades 6-12. Our online platform lets students work with their schedules following a pace chart for each course.

Students registered for courses design a flexible, personalized course schedule following a pace chart. We make it possible to succeed at your own pace, catering to various learning styles and skill levels.

Assignments, tests, and quizzes are available 24/7 online. Coursework can also be downloaded for completion offline.

For each course, you're assigned a state-certified teacher who's accessible via virtual whiteboard, phone, email, or instant messaging.

When coursework is complete, you'll earn an accredited high school diploma and be able to attend anin-person graduation ceremony. Students may also have credits transferred to a traditional school.

If you are planning to transfer credits, consult with a school counselor at Bay Port High School.





Bay Port iAcademy offers many of the same clubs and organizations as traditional schools.  Our schools have a student newspaper, a student govenment club, a community service club, and a parent-teacher-student orgaization - with more clubs and activities being added.  And thanks to flexible scheduling, students have plenty of free time to participate in activities  with friends and family outside of school.



Many activities are available to students enrolled in the iAcademy.   Students may participate in the numerous activities, clubs and organizations available at Bay Port High School.   Some options include:

  • clubs

  • athletics

  • band

  • chorus

  • school play and musical

  • Homecoming

  • Junior Prom

  • dances





Preparing you for the future

Whether you're planning to attend a university or advance your career, a Bay Port iAcademy education is a foundation for success.


Bay Port iAcademy students receive valuable advice about the college entrance process. Students also learn time management and independent study skills, better preparing them for the college experience.

Beyond College
Our students have access to career advice. We'll explore your career options and aspirations, making sure you're headed in a direction that's right for you.

Our online setting also prepares students for success in the fast-paced world of 21st-century technology. As a graduate, you'll be up to speed on the technology being used in the academic and professional worlds.


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"An authentic, innovative, connected, and inspired experience for an ever-changing future."


Mission: "We will work with families and community to ensure that our students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in a changing world."

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