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The Schoology User Guide is meant to help staff as they continue to customize  the learning for all students.  It is not about perfection, but progression. Whether you are getting started, moving forward, or learning to master Schoology, 

The following 4 recommendations will hopefully assist you on your journey of helping to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in a changing world.

1) The internal Schoology help resources: Click on the link, then type in anything you would like to learn, you can also search by topic.

2) The Staff Schoology Help Forum Group: This is a place that you can ask any questions about Schoology and how to use it and other staff that have been using it can answer with their experience.  It is a great resource. 

3) The Schoology help resources located below will help you learn at your own pace about using Schoology.


Schoology Resources- LMS (Learning Management System)

Sign into Schoology Portal

Courses and Groups





Back to Schoology - Start the School Year Off Right (Videos)

  1. What’s New this Year with Schoology (25 min)

    • Review some of our recent releases that you may have missed

  2. Are you New Here? First Steps with Schoology (1 Hour)

    • Walk through the Schoology layout & getting your Course set up

  3. Looking to up your Game? Next steps with Schoology (37 min)

    • Look at some advance ways to use Schoology in order to make your classroom experience amazing

  4. Elevate your Assessment this Year with Schoology (40 min)

    • Review different ways you can Assess students in your classroom


Review New Interface - New User Experience: Site Navigation

  1. Easier to access all of your tools throughout Schoology

  2. Simpler for instructors and administrator to get things done with a more streamlined workflow

  3. Better for younger learners, with a visual card layout for courses and Groups


Help Guides:

Teacher/Admin- Parent Access Codes
1) Go to your course/Group that you would like to generate codes from
2) Click on members (left side)
3) Then click on the "parent access codes" link on the right side and download
4) When you open the downloaded file, you will find all parent access codes for students in your class
5) Distribute the codes to your parents and instruction them to do the following...

Parent Access Codes
Parents can have access to all of their child's courses, calendars, groups, etc.  without having their child's user name and password.  This allows the parents to view, but not participate in class discussions, submit assignments, and more.  You can change access rights so they can, but it defaults to them having only view rights.  

Once the connection is made between the kid and the parent, it does not need to be made again for the remainder of the child's schooling in Howard- Suamico.  

Teachers or Administrators need to download the access codes and get them to the parents. The parents can then sign up for an account and associate themselves with their kid(s).  

1) Go to www.schoology.com
2) Click on "sign up" then on "parent"
3) You are then prompted to enter the access code provided by your child's teacher, enter it.
4) Fill out the necessary information in the next step including a valid e-mail address
5) Now you are signed up to access your child's courses, groups, and other Schoology participation

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