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As a student at Bay Port High School you do have the opportunity to take courses from both programs (AP and IB certificates) to build your own individual program that best fits your academic interests and needs.


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AP and IB

Bay Port High School 
Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Programs 

Bay Port High School is committed to the success of both its existing Advanced Placement (AP) program and to the new International Baccalaureate (IB) program. The purpose of this information sheet is to provide the similarities and differences of the two programs so that students can make informed decisions about which program best fits their needs.



  • Both are rigorous college-preparatory programs that demand high standards of performance for both students and teachers.

  • Both attract highly motivated students who want a challenging high school experience.

  • Both use external exams and external evaluators to score the exams- AP exams are scored by readers from the College Board and IB exams are scored by international evaluators from the International Baccalaureate Organization.

  • Both are recognized by colleges and universities in the United States who award college credit or advanced standing depending on exam scores.

  • Both are taught by dedicated and creative teachers who have been trained to teach the course.

  • Both receive weighted grading in calculating GPA at Bay Port High School.





  • AP consists of 11 independent courses of study at Bay Port; IB is a two year program that will initially include 19 courses, an extended essay, and CAS requirements.

  • AP courses are open to all students in grades 9-12 who wish to challenge themselves academically; IB is open to all students in grades 11-12 who wish to challenge themselves academically.

  • AP allows students to excel in one or more academic areas; IB promotes open access to students who wish to receive a well-rounded, internationally based education in all six academic areas: English, World Language, Individuals and Societies, Science, Math, and Fine Arts in addition to a Theory of Knowledge course, writing an extended essay, and creativity, action, and service requirements.

  • AP scores are based exclusively on the AP exam; IB scores are based on both external IB exams and on classroom internal assessments.

  • Any student may take an AP exam without having taken the corresponding AP course; only students enrolled in IB courses may take the IB exams.

  • AP exams are scored by readers from the Educational Testing Service (ETS); IB exams are scored by evaluators world-wide.

  • AP classes move at a rapid pace surveying a broad spectrum of a particular discipline, much like college-level survey courses; IB courses move at a different pace, most over a two-year period, allowing for more in-depth research, inquiry, and analysis.






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