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The Curriculum Subcommittee has chosen the curriculum model for the Howard and Suamico 4-year-old Kindergarten Community Collaborative - Creative Curriculum . This model is a comprehensive, scientifically based early childhood curriculum that has been shown to improve cognitive and social/emotional outcomes in young children. It is linked with a valid and reliable assessment instrument, The Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum for Ages 3-5 , designed so teachers can assess child progress and guide program planning.

For more information, go toTeaching Strategies and click on "The Creative Curriculum System" link at the top of the page.

Curriculum Information

Nature & Science

Students interact with wildlife, plants and other resources to create a developmentally appropriate and meaningful outdoor experience. 


Children in 4K experience nature through hiking trails, tracking animals, looking for and identifying different types of birds, insects and plants, explore ponds and much more. The Suamico Elementary School Forest, Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve, Meadowbrook Park, and numerous natural parks and trails offer many opportunities to explore.  Rain or shine, sleet or snow, we will be exploring all that nature has to teach us!



Our 4K programs recently added iPads in the classroom as different apps contribute to cognitive development and for intervention strategies. Instructive apps may use drill and practice to help with proper letter formation or with letter sounds. We have all used these types of apps; we start off quickly and are drawn into the gaming qualities of colorful visuals, a quick pace and repetitive music. Children will generally play them for 6 or 7 minutes and then move on to another game. These apps are useful for some students and for certain tasks. Constructive style apps allow students to synthesis a learning object from scratch or build it freely from a range of available components. These types of apps create a high level of both cognitive involvement and cognitive development. These apps often have an open-ended component to the structure of the activity and it is this open-endedness that allows for the deep cognitive development within task.


Quiet Reading Areas

Children learn in 4K that we have story time where the teacher reads a book to us and a place we can go to look at picture books on our own.  This builds a desire for reading that is critical for future success in their educational journey. Puppets are used to act out stories, while colorful books and easels to practice letters are just some ways to encourage reading.


Creative Curriculum

The philosophy behind our curriculum is that young children learn best by doing. Learning is not just repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work and to learn firsthand about the world we live in. In their early years, children explore the world around them by using all their senses (touching, tasting, listening, smelling, and looking). 


Gradually children become more and more able to use abstract symbols like words to describe their thoughts and feelings. They learn to "read" pictures, which are symbols of real people, places and things. This exciting development in symbolic thinking takes place during the pre-school years as children play.  Play provides the foundation for academic or "school" learning. It is the preparation children need before they learn highly abstract symbols such as letters (which are symbols for sounds) and numbers (which are symbols for number concepts). Play enables us to achieve the key goals of our early childhood curriculum. Play is the work of young children.


4K makes transitioning into full day kindergarten easier and the skills learned will allow more time for actual instruction.  An example: children will already know how to get their jackets on or off, put their folder in school bag, sharing, raising their hand before answering a question, etc.


Please check out what our 4K Program has to offer your child by going to www.hssdschools.org

 and select the tab under schools for 4K.  Please contact Jennifer Trudell, 4K Coordinator at jenntrud@hssdschools.org or (920) 662-7941.






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